IMU 42, 42 cv & 42xp

Tactical inertial measurement unit

The IMU42 is a compact, lightweight, high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) featuring the best size/performance ratio available with extremely high bandwidth. The IMU 42 is ideally suited for applications requiring navigation, line-of-sight stabilization and flight control. It employs the latest closed-loop fiber-optic gyro (FOG) and linear rebalanced accelerometer technology. It is available in multiple configurations to meet different price and performance requirements.

Compatible for the following applications:
Stabilized electro-optical payloads
Guided Munitions
Anti aircraft and air defense missiles
Aerial pods
Advanced targeting pods

IMU 42/42cv/42xp Benefits

Two optional grades:

The IMU42 is offered in two performance grades, a variety of configurations, all in the same compact form.

Compatible with legacy IMU products

Form, fit and function performance replacement for other known IMUs.

Hard mounted with very high bandwidth:

Suitable for LOS stabilization, missiles, and demanding environments


Our products are ITAR-free and are entirely designed and developed in-house

Technical Information

The IMU 42 is a tactical grade IMU containing closed-loop fiber optic gyros and linear rebalanced accelerometer technology. The IMU 42 is a versatile inertial measurement system and comes in a variety of configurations supporting both navigation and control messages, several communication regimes tailored for different applications, with interfaces matching a legacy FOG unit. The IMU42, IMU42 CVand the IMU42XP offer unmatched SWaP to performance ratio. Similarly to other Cielo products – the unit supports an advanced BIT with detailed fault isolation.

pdf Cielo_IMU42_F_2021
ParametersIMU 42 CVIMU 42IMU 42 XP
Bias repeatability (day to day) [°/hr]< 0.5< 0.2< 0.05
Bias residual (over temperature) [°/hr]< 1< 0.5< 0.1
Bias stability (constant temperature) [°/hr]
Dynamic Range [°/sec]±1500±1500±1500
Angular Random Walk [°√hr]
Scale Factor Linearity [ppm]303030
One year bias composite error [ug]400010001000
One year SF composite error [ppm]200010001000
Dynamic range [g]±15±70±70

Cielo Inertial Space Solutions

Space applications require accurate, high bandwidth systems.
Additional unique requirements include the absolute need for observation systems to provide
line-of-sight stabilization pointing and to overcome the behavioral problems often caused by radiation in space.

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Cielo has developed an advanced new generation IMU system
based on the closed loop Fiber Optical Gyroscopes (FOG) and linear rebalanced accelerometer technology.

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