Because every platform is unique, needing its own custom solution, Cielo sees itself as your design partner; offering innovative custom solutions – from minor modifications to full scale development – to precisely match your specific requirements.


Our experience enables us to supply highly reliable products with the goal of lowering the risk and cost for platform developers.

  • Low NRE costs.
  • Cost-effective product price.
  • Fast time-to-market.

Due to the full control we have over the technology, we can offer Gyroscopes, IMUs, and INSs with custom performance and interfaces to meet your specific needs.


MICHAL – A jointly designed IMU, precisely fitting a customer's platform in interface and performance.

Our customer encountered a problem with a very tight mechanical envelope and a spec that required unique performance in a high-end electro-optical payload. We collaboratively developed a unique, compact solution delivering the required performance.

DIMU: Custom designed IMU to fit inside a client's airborne targeting system.

Cielo contracted with a top-tier Israeli defense integrator to design and manufacture a customized high performance IMU for a new generation of a widely used airborne targeting systems. The program included full scale development of the IMU, based on Cielo's closed loop fiber optical gyroscopes. This contract demonstrates the trust Israeli defense industries have in both the highly reliable and field-proven closed loop FOG technology, and the engineering capabilities of Cielo to deliver this high performance IMU on time and within spec.

Dual axis FOG: Stabilization system tailored for a space constrained payload.

A leading company in the payload design and manufacturing area, required high levels of stabilization for a small payload, including a designated electrical interface. A custom 2-axis fiber-optic gyro based reference unit, was designed, to fit the available space and the required interface, achieving the required performance, and saving on costs and the need for system redesign.

Working hand-in-hand with you

Partnership and Commitment from pre-sale to post-sale

We view new challenges as an opportunity to go above and beyond constantly working with our customers to adapt our solutions according to their unique needs (R&D, Solution, Integration), and transform those needs into solutions, working with them through the entire process.

Operational requirements
Solution tailoring
Support throughout the
platform development
Product long term
active support



    All our program managers have a rich background and expertise in different platform fields. They understand both operational requirements and platform system engineering, and have the inertial expertise to manage and adapt our technology to serve and overcome challenges for every market.


    Based on long term work with the leading system integrators and a multitude of navigation experts, Cielo’s system engineering skills are proven by the successful operation of our systems in test flights, on-schedule robust deliveries, and extremely low rate of unit failures.

  • 3 Application Experience

    Our team of project managers, physicists, engineers and technicians come from a respected background of extensive work and field experience in different types of applications.

  • 4 Semi-Conductor FAB

    Cielo holds more than 300 sqm. of fab cleanrooms used for the production of our modulator chip which is the "heart" of our closed loop FOG technology.

  • 5 Vertical Integration

    In-house design, manufacturing, assembly and testing allows for full control of key technologies, design and manufacture: Sensor and system level; End-to-end manufacturer; Production and calibration capabilities

  • 6 Design

    Cielo’s system engineer design skills are proven by the successful operation of our systems in test flights, on-schedule robust deliveries, and extremely low rate of unit failures.

  • 7 Verification

    Cielo holds full in-house system verification capabilities by using two and three-axis rate table systems with integral temperature and vacuum chambers which provide angular position, rate and acceleration motions.

  • 8 Integration Support

    Partnership and Commitment from pre-sale to post-sale – we do everything possible to support our customers through all necessary changes or issues along the way, walking with them hand-in-hand until our system has been successfully installed and field-proven, ensuring our customers reach their targets accurately.


Cielo Inertial Space Solutions

Space applications require accurate, high bandwidth systems.
Additional unique requirements include the absolute need for observation systems to provide
line-of-sight stabilization pointing and to overcome the behavioral problems often caused by radiation in space.

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Cielo has developed an advanced new generation IMU system
based on the closed loop Fiber Optical Gyroscopes (FOG) and linear rebalanced accelerometer technology.

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