Cielo Inertial Solutions is a leading manufacturer of closed loop FOG based inertial systems.
For more than a decade, Cielo has supplied Israeli and international customers with high-performance, reliable, and ITAR-free inertial solutions at competitive prices.



Cielo is a global technology expert in inertial solutions, focusing on reference, control, stabilization, and navigation solutions for defense and commercial operations, with a full range of performance capabilities for applications on land, in the air, at sea, and in space. We are an innovative, agile company, with proven field experience, backed by strong and reputable corporate owners.

Since January 2014, Cielo Inertial Solutions has been equally owned by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. of Israel, and Kearfott Corporation of America, two world leaders in defense technologies.


Cielo is the sole Israeli manufacturer of Closed Loop FOGs, IMUs, GyroCompass, North Finding Systems, and INS –  off the shelf as well as custom-tailored solutions – and has delivered products to top-tier defense industries in Israel such as RAFAEL, ELBIT, Israel Airspace Industries (IAI), Israel Military Industries) (IMI), and to many other system manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Our field-proven inertial solutions are integrated into fully operational systems, such as missiles, payloads, UAVs, civilian aircraft protection systems and many others. Since 2005 Cielo has demonstrated its capability to align its commitments to challenging requirements and deadlines – from tight-scheduled flight tests to high volume deliveries of hundreds of IMU systems per year – and actively partner in the success of high-end systems incorporating our products.

Cielo is dedicated to continuing development of its innovative inertial solutions, while maintaining our customer responsiveness.


Our Mission And Role - Assisting our customers and their platforms to successfully reach their desired targets through our inertial solutions.
We deliver unparalleled, high-performance, advanced inertial solutions, customized to precisely meet our customers' needs, ensuring they reach their unique business or operational objectives, under any circumstances, with high reliability and precision.

Customer Centric Approach

We convert customers’ unique demands across R&D, solution, function and integration, into customized solutions. Cultivating strong relationships is how we ensure that our technologically-fluent team’s efforts, involving productive and effective dialogue, are aligned with our customers' objectives…providing hands-on support from solution to integration.

  • Customized solutions
  • Partnership & Commitment
  • Seeing Eye to Eye
Advanced Technology

Technology is key to addressing our customers’ needs. We are proud of pushing the boundaries and being on the cutting-edge of scientific and technological innovation. Every new challenge is an opportunity for us to strive above and beyond and constantly work with our customers to adapt our solutions according to their needs.

  • Precision
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Knowledge and know-how
In-house Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing

Vertical integration – all components manufactured in house

  • Sensor and system level
    −Closed loop Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG)
    −Closed loop quartz rebalanced Accelerometers
  • End-to-end manufacturer
    −Engineering from design to production
    −Complete control of technologies
  • Production and calibration capabilities

All Cielo Inertial Solutions products are totally ITAR-free and are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested at our facilities in Jerusalem, Israel using ITAR-free equipment and components.

Cyber Solutions

Cielo is fully aware that navigation systems are a critical component of any system, and that they face cyber risks both in terms of interfaces as well as embedded subsystems. We work with our customers to analyze the cyber-related risks based on the platform type, operational environment and interfaces and implement the necessary protections to reduce these risks. Contact Us to find out more on this subject.

Quality Certification

Cielo's Quality Policy is aimed at providing customer satisfaction through a process of continual improvement, crucial for reaching our goals of excellence in products and services. Cielo is certified to ISO-9001 and AS9100 Aerospace Quality System Certification, in addition to IPC and ECSS electronic standards.

Business Relationships

Cielo provides unparalleled, high-performance, advanced inertial solutions and services to the commercial, aerospace, industrial, and defense markets. Our operational success depends on strong, long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers.

All of our suppliers adhere to our general Terms and Conditions and quality assurance requirements. (for documents in Hebrew click here)

Qualified Vendors

Cielo is a subsidiary of Kearfott, a US-based company whose primary business is the development and manufacture of guidance, navigation, and motion control components and systems for military and commercial applications.

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Cielo Inertial Space Solutions

Space applications require accurate, high bandwidth systems.
Additional unique requirements include the absolute need for observation systems to provide
line-of-sight stabilization pointing and to overcome the behavioral problems often caused by radiation in space.

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Cielo has developed an advanced new generation IMU system
based on the closed loop Fiber Optical Gyroscopes (FOG) and linear rebalanced accelerometer technology.

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