Cielo Inertial Space Solutions

Unique Uses

Space, “the final frontier”, presents a number of unique challenges for observation systems. Typical among these are:

  • Manned space-flight
  • GNSS constellations
  • On-demand imaging
  • Earth observation and scientific mission satellites
  • Low earth orbit observation satellites
  • Orbital launch rockets


These applications require accurate, high bandwidth systems. Additional unique requirements include the absolute need for observation systems to provide line-of-sight stabilization pointing and to overcome the behavioral problems often caused by radiation in space.

What Cielo can provide to meet these demands

For the past decade Cielo has designed systems for the harsh and demanding environments of space navigation. They deliver fully-compensated angular rates. Multiple performance and size options are available (in some systems), to satisfy unique packaging, bias instability, noise performance and dynamic range requirements plus Ultra-high-performance Fiber Optic systems with extreme accuracy. The systems four gyros ensure full redundancy.

Cielo offers additional benefits such as Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA); is a certified supplier to prime satellite manufacturers with ongoing production deliveries and is ITAR-Free – all products are entirely designed and developed in-house. Cielo is also open to commercial collaboration.

A veteran Israeli satellite manufacturer has been using Cielo’s IRU 24 system on an orbiting satellite for the past three years, proving its efficiency and high performance standards.


In an environment where failure would be catastrophic, Cielo’s IRU performs flawlessly. The outstanding success of the system achieved from years of development, qualification, extensive testing and success has led Cielo to receive a continual order for the system.

According to Yitzhak Yoselis, VP Programs: “We have a compelling competitive edge – our space heritage. We’ve done it successfully, and can point to our track record with pride.”