IMU 52/52cv/52xp

Tactical inertial measurement unit

The IMU52 is a long service, combat proven Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that has been integrated in a multitude of military applications, suitable for navigation, stabilization and flight control for both defense and commercial applications. It is available in multiple performance grades to support versatility of platform performance. IMU 52 CV is a Commercial Version, Non-MTCR IMU that is cost-effective and suitable for commercial applications. The IMU 52 is a high performance grade field proven IMU, integrated into dozens of operational platforms. IMU 52 XP has gyrocompassing and navigation grade capablitiies within the same form factor as the standard IMU 52.

The IMU52 is available in hard-mount and vibration isolated versions and is offered in multiple configurations to meet different price and performance requirements.

Compatible for the following applications:
Light and heavy weight torpedoes
Fixed and rotary wing UAV's
Surface Air Missiles
Medium and long range air defense missiles

IMU 52/52cv/52xp Benefits

Three different performance grades
  • Commercial grade, Non-MTCR
  • High performance grade
  • Gyro-compass/navigation performance grade
Easy to integrate:

Single or multi voltage inputs, both standard asynchronous serial interface and SDLC protocol are supported.

High Vibration and Shock Resistance

Vibration protected configuration for environmentally demanding applications.


Our products are ITAR-free and are entirely designed and developed in-house

Technical Information

The IMU 52 family integrates closed-loop fiber optic gyros and MEMS/linear rebalanced accelerometer technology. The IMU 52 is a versatile inertial measurement instrument and has a variety of configurations, supporting both navigation and control messages, transmitted both in SDLC protocol as well as an asynchronous RS-422 protocol. The unit can be purchased either in a hard mounted version suitable for line-of-sight stabilization and fast control application with an extremely high bandwidth, or with vibration isolation mounting for extremely harsh environmental conditions. The IMU 52 can also be purchased with either legacy voltage inputs (+5VDC, ±15VDC) or with a wide range single voltage input supporting milstd-704. The IMU 52 Family offers great SWaP to performance ratio. Similarly to other Cielo products – the unit supports an advanced BIT with detailed fault isolation.

pdf Cielo_IMU52_CV_STD_XP_Datasheet May2
ParametersIMU 52 CVIMU 52IMU 52 XP
Bias repeatability (day to day) [°/hr]< 0.5< 0.2< 0.05
Bias residual (over temperature) [°/hr]< 1< 0.5< 0.1
Bias stability (constant temperature) [°/hr]
Dynamic Range [°/sec]±1500±1500±1500
Angular Random Walk [°√hr]
Scale Factor Linearity [ppm]303030
One year bias composite error [ug]400010001000
One year SF composite error [ppm]200010001000
Dynamic range [g]±15±70±70

Cielo Inertial Space Solutions

Space applications require accurate, high bandwidth systems.
Additional unique requirements include the absolute need for observation systems to provide
line-of-sight stabilization pointing and to overcome the behavioral problems often caused by radiation in space.

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Cielo has developed an advanced new generation IMU system
based on the closed loop Fiber Optical Gyroscopes (FOG) and linear rebalanced accelerometer technology.

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